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Review: NZXT Nemesis Elite - Package and Bundle
Written by Zinoberrot   
Sunday, 25 March 2007 03:01
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Review: NZXT Nemesis Elite
Package and Bundle
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Internal Details - Drive cage, System layout
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The package and bundle


The Nemesis Elite comes into a thick cardboard box which is well designed. It has nice pictures of the case and the specifications all over it. It is ok to draw attention and even more ok to protect the included case. The case is also held by two large pieces of Styrofoam, and the face of the case is facing up. Considering that it is also a very lightweight case, these are more than enough protection for it.


The bundle of the case is found at a very strange place. NZXT used a specifically designed box which is mounted in the 3.5” bay. You can actually keep the box there with all you like inside it and carry the case along without hindering its functionality at all, save for 2 less 3.5” bays of course. Inside the box, you will find all necessary items included. First of all there are all the drive rails that you will need, since the case is using a screwless design and all the optical and disk drives are mounted by rails. The rails used by this case are the only ones  I have ever seen in which you can adjust the drive location a few mm back or forth, as there are 3 bolt holes which you can use to mount the drive. I would guess that is convenient for those with drives that have larger faceplates or other devices, in order to have them align with the door. There is a small badge with all the stand-offs you are going to need and motherboard screws, as well as some screws for the power supply unit and a few fan screws. There is a strap and self-adhesive pad for some cable control, if you would like to install them. There is also a PCI slot cover in case you will need to cover a slot once you remove an installed card, since the PCI slot covers of the case are not re-usable. Finally there are of course manuals for the case itself and an extra small manual for the LCD control unit of the case.

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