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Review: NZXT Nemesis Elite - External Details
Written by Zinoberrot   
Sunday, 25 March 2007 03:01
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Review: NZXT Nemesis Elite
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External details


The case instantly catches attention once out of the box. The paint finish of it is marvelous. Even being black, the case is a real mirror. I had to grab a picture from a very tight angle to reduce reflections to a minimum. The case is entirely made out of aluminum, not a single steel part on it. The front portion of the case and the LCD panel on top are plastic, but the top part of the front panel is an aluminum plate also. The top aluminum plate at the front is bolted on the plastic door beneath it with 8 bolts and gives the case an ‘armor’ style, as NZXT suggests. Indeed, a few people who don’t know much about computers told me that it looks like an armor or helmet already.


The front panel of the case may look very good but also hides many surprises. One of them is the external power button, the artistic knob which is found towards the left side of the door. By pressing it you can power on the system without having to open the door. Helpful enough as I find it a bit annoying to open the door to simply start up the system. Also the ‘Nemesis’ engraving at the top left corner of the case is actually the hard disk drive LED activity light. A bit too large for a hard disk drive LED, but it certainly will not go unnoticed!

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