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Review: NZXT Nemesis Elite - External Details - Front Door and LEDs
Written by Zinoberrot   
Sunday, 25 March 2007 03:01
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Review: NZXT Nemesis Elite
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External Details - Front Door and LEDs
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Internal Details - Drive cage, System layout
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By opening the door of the Nemesis, you will find that even the plastic parts and drive bay covers share the great paint job of the entire case. Black drives will match it perfectly, as you can see from an old Ricoh drive of mine that I installed in it. Another nice thing that I rarely see is that the door hinge is metallic, which makes the door stand better and is of course much more durable than plastic hinges. At the back of the door, right in the middle, you will find a small button. That button is for changing the color of the ‘eye’ of the case. You have 7 colors to choose from; here is a picture of them all.


As you can see the 7 colors are blue, red, yellow, green, white, teal and purple. The blue matches the case most, especially due to the front blue LED fan which illuminates the front vents of the case, but you can choose any color that matches your theme and style. It would be nice if there was a rotating program as well to have the colors slowly change themselves, but unfortunately you are stuck with the color you choose.

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