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Review: NZXT Nemesis Elite - External Details - Fans, Case bottom, Window
Written by Zinoberrot   
Sunday, 25 March 2007 03:01
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Review: NZXT Nemesis Elite
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By removing the whole front panel of the case you will see the front 120mm fan of the case. You can remove it or change it if you prefer. The fan is held in place by a locking mechanism, but I did not remove the front panel just for that. Unfortunately you will have to do it too in order to install drives in the case (you cannot push the rails in without doing so). It is done so that there will be no spaces when the system is assembled, and you can see that from the previous picture with the CD-R drive installed which shows not the slightest opening present. Fortunately very few people change their optical and floppy drives frequently, so most probably you are only going to do this once or twice.


Yes, even the bottom of the case is a perfect mirror finish. To add to that, the case stands on 4 rubber feet which have gold rings around them, pretty much like the HTPC feet. The feet are exceptional for keeping the case into place, creating enough friction for the case to be hard to move and absorbing most vibrations from the case itself.


A window side panel could not be missing from such a case. Most of the left panel surface was replaced by a Plexiglas window and a 120mm fan is installed right in the middle of it. A nice detail that NZXT took care of is the aluminum frames at the 4 corners of the window, which are not only aesthetically appealing themselves but they also hide the bolts that hold the window in place. Most people rightfully don’t like that most side panel windows have their bolts uncovered and visible to everyone, it makes the construction look cheap. The fan used on the window is the same Martech 1800RPM 120mm blue LED fan, like the other 2 included in the case. The fan has a customized fan grill over it with a nice looking design and the NZXT logo at the center. Between the customized fan grill and the fan itself, there is also a piece of metal mesh which is rightfully there since the grill is most probably for design only, as it barely covers the fan surface. The aluminum mesh does not degrade the aesthetics in my humble opinion and ensures that everyone (and everything) is protected from the spinning fan blades.

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