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Review: NZXT Nemesis Elite - External Details - LCD Temp Controller
Written by Zinoberrot   
Sunday, 25 March 2007 03:01
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Review: NZXT Nemesis Elite
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The most notable feature of this case is probably the included LCD control unit that is mounted on top of the case. The blue backlight LCD adds a lot of character to the case and it has several functions which you can control from the 3 buttons that it has beside it. The first button rotates between the 3 available temperature/fan readings, being the CPU, SYS and HDD. The second button enabled/disables the alarm function of the unit. Finally the third button will switch the temperature readings between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. By holding the first button down for 3 seconds, you will get in mode to adjust the time/date settings, alarm settings and temperature alarm thresholds. By holding the third button down you can switch to full screen mode, where all icons and reading appear for 4 seconds and then it returns to normal mode. The control unit adjusts the speed of the SYS and HDD fans according to the temperature reading, but not of the CPU fan, to avoid damage of it by the misplacement of the sensor. Quite a few features from such a small thing, which is nice since all you have to do is place the sensors and adjust the settings once and the controller will do its work from then on itself.


The front part of the LCD control unit also hides the front ports of the case. Simply by rotating it, you will find yourself 2 USB 2.0 ports, front audio jacks and a firewire port. The front ports are handy and hiding them is even better for the aesthetic part of the case. The only problem with the LCD control unit part is that it is all plastic, which is not all that strange since making it out of aluminum and encasing a display into aluminum as well would cost the earth, but it does appear a little cheap on a whole aluminum case. Fortunately the paint finish is great on it too and no one will even notice unless they have a good eye and get very close to the case.

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