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Review TomTom XL - Features
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Written by Rondog   
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 05:44
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Talk to text is setup straight out of the box, but only on certain languages. Some city names are pronounced strangely, but you can still understand what it refers too. Volume is speed dependent, the quicker you go, the louder it yells.


To use the device, it is just a matter of touching the screen and tapping what you need to do. IE: Navigate to. You can then type in either a town centre, a street location, cross-roads or even a very comprehensive list of points of interest, including pretty much anything you want. You can also program in your home address, and navigate straight to that at the touch of a button.


Part of the software present on all the Tomtom’s is the ability to correct maps and submit it to the internet for other users. Which means everyone can benefit from everyone elses discoveries.


It also tracks speed via satellite. Which if you look closely in the image below, my speedometer is out by about 2-3km/h.


Another cool feature is itinerary planning; you can program in multiple destinations and it will give you estimated times of arrival based on your departure time.


TomTom XL




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