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The Audacity of Droid
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Written by Daniel   
Friday, 30 October 2009 17:46

From  TechNewsWorld

After years of stumbling in the smartphone arena, Motorola may have finally gotten its act together with the Droid

By Paul Hartsock
10/30/09 10:00 AM PT

Google's giving it a leg up with a new, pre-installed turn-by-turn nav app. Google Maps Navigation will work on other Android 2.0 phones as well. Meanwhile, Facebook users get angry, PlayStation 3 gets Netflix and Los Angeles gets cloudy.

The Android mobile operating system is graduating soon to 2.0 status, and Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) gave it a pretty nice present to celebrate: a free turn-by-turn navigation app called "Google Maps Navigation." It'll run on Android 2.0 phones with GPS, and it'll use the phone's cellular Internet connection to get live map information.

There's a wide range of quality out there when it comes to smartphone nav apps, but the features Google mentions make its program sound like one of the better ones. There's speech-activated location search, live traffic data with alternate routing, and integration with Street View so you can get an actual photo of what your destination looks like from the ground level.     [TechNewsWorld...] [Comments...]



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