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Google may be forced to release YouTuber's personal details
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 27 January 2007 12:56

The Google owned YouTube website is up against it, right now.  News Corp. has started legal action over leaked episodes of the TV drama 24. They want the personal details of the YouTube member who uploaded these videos and various episodes of The Simpsons.  Doh!

On January 18th, Twentieth Century Fox filed a subpoena in a U.S. District Court demanding the identity of "ECOtotal" - the YouTube subscriber responsible for uploading the copyrighted material.  So, far Google have not been willing to give out personal details and say that they promptly removed the offending content.

We can assume that News Corp. want to scare other YouTube subscribers in to refraining from posting News Corp. owned material on YouTube.

Meanwhile, they may have singled out this individual because he/she may well work for Fox, given that the episodes of 24 were posted prior to being publicly aired.

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