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Nanosolar Starts Shipping Revolutionary Solar Panels
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 21 December 2007 15:44

By Julia Bonelli
eNews 2.0

Nanosolar, a privately held solar energy company, announced on Tuesday that it began shipping a new type of solar electric panel that they declared that it would be the “world’s lower cost solar panel”.

Read the full story at eNews 2.0:

The 100 million dollars funds for the start-up of project that uses a sophisticated printing technology for its photovoltaic panels came from investors that include the two billionaire co- founders of Google Inc.

The company stated that its technique will lower the cost of electricity under the level of that generated by coal-fuelled power plants. Also, the new technique would decrease the manufacturing costs of the basic photovoltaic module by at least 80 percent compared to the conventional methods, which use semiconductor manufacturing techniques.

As a confirmation, the company's Power Sheet product line had been named the Top Innovation of Year 2007 by Popular Science Magazine.

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