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BODge it & Scarper - My attempt at watercooling
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 24 June 2004 00:00
Gave up with the Globalwin Silentstream watercooling as it kept getting airlocks. Flawed design so sent it back.

Had a brainwave!!!

Bought a Zalman CPU Block for watercooling.

Bought a storage container (holds about 4 gallons) and 8mm clear hose from B&Q.

Dug out my old pond pump (4500 litres per hour).

Put the pump in the now water filled storage container and connected the hoses to the CPU block and tested for leaks.

Put it in my system this morning.

Ran for 20mins under full load.

Ambient temperature was 21c
CPU temp (full load) was 35c

Now its cooler and quieter!!!

Here are some pics if you are interested:

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