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Looking for the motivation to get into case modding?
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 22 June 2004 16:45

"Lian li

I have always had this case laying around my house. It was my friends first PC, and the case had been butchered. The windows were rough in's with 1/4 clear plexi, the front fan mounts were gone, the case had randoms holes through out it.

And sadly, I did most of it. Of course it wasn't my case, so I just did it as fast as possible back then.

I finally got the motivation and ideas to make this case better."

Read it here

New Motherboard Monitor!
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 18 June 2004 00:00
Alexander Van Kaam has done it again! We've got a new version of Motherboard Monitor that knows how to talk to Abit's µGuru chip. You can get it in AOAFiles by going here.
Your tax dollars at work
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 17 June 2004 00:00
A government program called E-Rate, begun in 1998, and funded by the 1996 Telecommunications Act, appears to be rife with corruption. The program, intended to fund Internet access for U.S. schools, seems to have spent a lot of it's money instead lining the pockets of school administrators and company officials.

A government program that is corrupt. Who would've thunk it?

Read it here

News you can use
Written by Gizmo   
Wednesday, 16 June 2004 00:00
Apparently, the FTC has decided that the 'Do not e-mail' list would be worthless

"Any 'do not e-mail' registry would be 'ineffective and burdensome to consumers,' FTC Chairman Tim Muris told reporters at a press conference. 'Consumers will be spammed if we do a registry and spammed if we do not.'"

Read the full story here.

Looks like AMD plans to release a dual-core processor for desktops sometime late next year. AMD of course vehemently denies that Intel's plans to bring a dual core chip out in 2005 had anything to do with their own change in plans.

More here.
Firefox reloaded
Written by Aidan   
Tuesday, 15 June 2004 00:00
Mozilla have released the newest version of Firefox (previously Firebird). Firefox 0.9 adds features such as the import of favourites, history, cookies and more from IE. Firefox also comes in at a small download of 4.7Mb, and includes a speed boost over Firefox 0.8 in rendering HTML pages.

With the worrying appearance of spyware that exploits currently unfixed security holes in IE, alternative browsers are looking more and more favourable!

Read it here

Zafi virus disables firewalls and AV software
Written by Aidan   
Tuesday, 15 June 2004 00:00
A new version of the Zafi virus has emerged, titled 'W32.Zafi.B'. One of it's features is that it can kill personal firewalls and antivirus programs in order to help itself spread.

It spreads itself via email, using various '.pif', '.exe' and '.com' attachments. Once it infects a machine, it harvests addresses from the address book on the system, and emails itself to those users. It also disables programs such as the task manager and the registry editor.

So, don't trust any attachments that come via email, and ensure your antivirus software is up to date!
Orac3 completed
Written by SurlyJoe   
Monday, 14 June 2004 00:00
I have been posting updates on this Bit-Tech project from the get go, and it's finally done.

If you haven't checked it out yet, its definitly worth the click.

"The project was hatched over a year ago, inspired by vintage British sci-fi, with the goal to create a clear-cased computer where everything on the inside looked as good as the outside, and from all angles; Where cabling was a feature, not something to hide away - G-gnome's 'big electronic brain' if you will. I wanted to take the concept of a clear case a step further. It meant modding pretty much every nut, bolt, screw, cover, cable and component in the entire system, 'attention to detail' becoming my mantra."

Read it here

Lazgoat gets his feet wet!
Written by Daniel   
Sunday, 13 June 2004 00:00
Got the Watercooling bug!

Well after much deliberation I decided to take the plunge into the murky world of watercooling.

As it was my first outing I opted for a simple "plug and play" kit from Asetek, a KT12-L20 with CPU, Chipset and VGA waterblocks. Apart from a minor bit of case modding to get the radiator properly mounted it was pretty simple really.

NF7-S CPU Thermal Diode Mod, Version 2.0
Written by Daniel   
Sunday, 13 June 2004 00:00
Gizmo has updated his thermal diode mod for the NF7-S. His updated mod reconnects the Attansic over temperature sensor, so that you can read the thermal diode from MBM AND continue to have protection against overheating CPUs.

Read it here

Razorfish brings us some disturbing news printed in the Custom PC magazine
Written by Daniel   
Sunday, 13 June 2004 00:00
Custom PC (July 2004) Direct quote

Not content with just locking its multipliers, the Intel empire has apparently taken another step to stamp out overclocking by locking Alderwoods FSB above 12% of its specified speed! A leading motherboard manufacturer confirmed the limit to Custom PC, although the company, which wished to remain anonymous, insisted its was for practical reasons (yeah right) According to the company the new 16bit PCI Express will hang if FSB is taken beyond 12%, "while most new VGA cards cant tolerate such a high bus speeds" Some have speculated that the limit might also be related to Intel's overclocking detection circuits, which was patented in march 2003 (see patent number 6,535,988 at
U.S. Patent Office although Intel denied the link as rumor and speculation.

Gizmo has looked into this a bit for us:

"Pretty much all the references I can find in a Goggle search all end up back at the VR-Zone quote:"

(Reprint from the Virtual Zone:)

Alderwood Supports DDR2-667

Sources at IDF Taipei today revealed that the successor to 875P chipset, the 925X Alderwood not only can support DDR2-533 but a higher memory specification of DDR2-667 as well. Also Intel will not have a name for the Performance Acceleration Technology (PAT) on the Alderwood board as it is enabled by default and it cannot be turned on in any case by the Grantsdale chipsets. Alderwood will offer a 3-5% performance boost over the Grantsdale chipsets through this special bypass. One interesting thing we have learned is that Alderwood will have some limitations in overclocking. The clock speed or FSB will be locked down when it exceeds 12% increase over its default speed and the method is by tracking down the source clock. The board manufacturers are looking at ways to overcome this limitation by keeping the source clock at default and overclock through the reference clock.

Read it here

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