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Review: 3DMark Vantage - First GPU Test
Written by ChrisBard   
Thursday, 08 May 2008 00:00
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The First GPU Test 

But enough with this, lets get on and see what this new bench really is. First GPU test is called Jane Nash


It’s reminding me of Crysis (water+good lightning) and BF2142 (indoor buildings). However the way they pictured the soldiers in this first GPU test is, the least I can say, weird because they are wearing my grandma’s PJ’s.

The Jane Nash test scene represents a large indoor game scene with complex character rigs, physical GPU simulations, multiple dynamic lights, and complex surface lighting models. It uses several hierarchical rendering steps, including for water reflection and refraction, and physics simulation collision map rendering. The New Calico test scene represents a vast space scene with lots of moving but rigid objects and special content like a huge planet and a dense asteroid belt.

Graphics Test 1: Jane Nash

The following features are specific to this scene:

  • Lots of static objects
  • Lots of complex dynamic skinned objects
  • Cascaded shadow maps using PCF filtering
  • Very few instanced objects
  • No ray-marching (volumetric) effects
  • Cloth simulation
  • Anisotropic materials (math-heavy)
  • Caustics
  • Hierarchical rendering passes to render water reflection and refraction


The water does look awesome and the waves and ripples are better looking when compared with what you see in Crysis.

When you take a closer look you can see the water displacement and it’s very close to what we know, responsible for the way water acts is complex physics simulation and collision map rendering.


The pics you can see here are the result of extreme texture quality, extreme shadow shader quality, extreme shadow resolution quality and exteme shader quality mixed with 4 multisample count and 8 max anisotropic texture filtering and the resolution is 1680x1050. Below is an example of how the option menu looks.


Lets see some more water in action then.

Image Image

Depth of field and HDR effects are extremely well used togheter with focus on given objects.


The end result as you may see is spectacular and I hope we'll see this in the following FPS games.

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