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Review: 3DMark Vantage - Second GPU Test
Written by ChrisBard   
Thursday, 08 May 2008 00:00
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The Second GPU Test

This test is called New Calico and takes place in space.

The New Calico test scene represents a vast space scene with lots of moving but rigid objects and special content like a huge planet and a dense asteroid belt.


 The amount of detail is unbelievable and breathtaking; it’s just like watching a movie. Here is what Futuremark tell us about the second test:

Graphics Test 2: New Calico

The following features are specific to this scene:

  • Almost entirely consists of moving objects
  • No skinned objects
  • Variance shadow mapping shadows
  • Lots of instanced objects
  • Local and global ray-tracing effects (Parallax Occlusion Mapping, True Impostors and volumetric fog)

When interpreting the results of a benchmark run, it is useful to refer to this list of features, as they have a direct influence on the test performance.

The above picture was taken using a high preset and now its time to tell you that you have 4 presets that you can use when running the benchmark. On my system the only preset that gives fluid frame rates 30-200 FPS is the entry one.

Preset Scores

Each Preset gives an official 3DMark® score. The scores are different for each Preset and not directly comparable across Presets. For example, running the test suite using the Entry preset yields an Entry 3DMark® Score, denoted by the letter E pre-pended to the score reading. The preset code letters and example scores are given in the following table:

Preset Code Letter Example Score
Entry E E7053
High H

Lets see some more breathtaking pics, shall we:



Mothership orbiting at a convenient distance before blasting the planet with missiles…



Mothership approaching the planet and Space Fighters escort.



Asteroids on orbit and I tell you I wish I had an AGEIA card inside to see the differences.


Watch it those rocks are not friendly!



I wonder if 2x9800X2 in SLI would give more than 10 FPS

Depth of field and motion blur in action, lovely just cinematic!


To be honest I was expecting to see some lifeforms inside the mothership



Is that guy Darth Vader or Picard, hmmm can’t really tell?


Well guys that’s our two GPU tests. We have two more CPU tests and then some extra tests that don’t add on the final score so if you are in a hurry you can forget about those.

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