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Review: 3DMark Vantage - CPU Tests and Final Thoughts
Written by ChrisBard   
Thursday, 08 May 2008 00:00
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Review: 3DMark Vantage
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CPU Tests and Final Thoughts
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The CPU Tests

CPU Test 1: AI

The AI test features a high-intensity workload of co-operative manoeuvring and path-finding artificial intelligence calculations. The test setting is an airplane race course crowded with planes, all attempting to navigate through a series of gates while avoiding collisions with each other and the ground. The test load consists of the movement planning for each airplane. The workload is entirely parallelized, and can utilize multi-core CPUs to the fullest. Faster CPUs will be able to compute more frequent and timely movement plans for the airplanes, resulting in smarter flight routes.


CPU Test 2: Physics

The Physics Test features a heavy workload of future generation game physics computations. The scene is set at an air race, but with an unfortunately dangerous configuration of gates. Planes trailing smoke collide with various cloth and soft-body obstacles, each other, and the ground. The smoke spreads, and reacts to the planes passing through it.

The physics test takes advantage of the AGEIA PhysX physics accelerator, if found on the system.


These CPU tests are as boring as ever you can get a cup of coffee and read some news until they are done.


The Feature Tests


There are six feature tests in 3DMark® Vantage. Each isolates a specific set of graphics hardware functionality, and exercises it to the limit. In contrast to the main graphics tests with their large range of effects, techniques and content, the feature tests let you focus your testing on specific capabilities of the target hardware. The feature tests do not contribute to the main 3DMark® score. 


From all this tests the one I liked to watch was the GPU Particles. I will not go into detail because as I already said these test don’t count in the final score.

“What about scores?” would you ask. Depending on the rig you have you can get up to 4 scores. Remembers the presets? OK lets see what results I got for my computer:

This is the Entry Preset result:



As you can see I have a general score of E(entry) 11392 and I have to tell you that in this preset the resolution used for GPU tests is 1024x768. Here is how this preset looks like:

This is the Performance Preset result:


The general score now is P(performance) 4276 and the resolution for the GPU tests is now 1280x1024. Here is what it looks like:



This is the High Preset result;


This is the result for H(high) preset H2078 and the resolution used now is 1680x1050. Lovely image huh?



Final thoughts:(Thank you Futuremark)

This new 3DMark Vantage is not more nor less than what I expected. It is exactly what it’s meant to be, a useful tool to check your system and to compare it to other thousands systems. I had no problems running it on my OC system which was great.

I want to thank Gizmo (Chris Richards) who was my link to Futuremark, I also want to thank Dan (Daniel Edgar), (btw Dan is time to install Vista if you want to “play” with us) and last but not least thank you dear reader for your interest! I can assure you that you’ll have many hours of tweaking your rig and testing with 3DMark Vantage.

Special thanks goes to AOA community and I want to tell you all that there is a a new thread in the benchmark section and I look forward to meet you all there.



Chris Bard


Copyright notice: Some of the pics in this material and some quotes come from Futuremark!


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