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PlayOnLinux Tutorial - Step 5
Written by Booman   
Monday, 17 September 2012 14:41
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Installing a Game


Lets try installing our first game.

Before you even put a CD/DVD in the drive or run a Windows exe... check the list of games and programs first.
If you can't find your game on the list, click Install a non-listed program at the bottom left.


The Welcome Screen



Create a new Virtual Drive



Type the name of your Virtual Drive (no spaces)



Manual installation

check "Install some libraries"

Note:  If you already installed the libraries in the default Virtual Drive, then this part is quick.

Select the Fonts, Direct X & NET Framework libraries.


Click Browse to select the game exe.  I was installing Titan Quest so I inserted the CD and then clicked browse.  I selected the Setup.exe file and clicked open.

A warning popped up saying the "system does not meet the specifications" so I selected "yes" to continue anyways.


follow the standard Windows installation steps


Don't Click Here Don't Click Here Either