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PlayOnLinux Tutorial - Step 8
Written by Booman   
Monday, 17 September 2012 14:41
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Add shortcut to Games Menu

Right-click the desktop shortcut for Titan Quest


Copy Command: /usr/share/playonlinux/playonlinux --run "Titan Quest"


Right-Click Menu

Edit Menu

New Item


Name:  Titan Quest

Command:  paste

Comments:  Titan Quest in Playonlinux



Now drag-n-drop it into the Games Menu


Click on the default icon (looks like an electrical tower)


Navigate to:  /home/username/.thumbnails/normal

Note:  Username is where you put your Mint 13 login.

I found one for Titan Quest, but couldn't find the "actual" icon for Windows.

You could also create your own in GIMP and save it as a PNG.




Note:  When you uninstall Titan Quest with Playonlinux you will need to go back and remove the Menu Item from the Menu.


Now You can launch Titan Quest or any new game from the Games Menu


Don't Click Here Don't Click Here Either