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Windows Packages Winetricks and PlayOnLinux - fonts
Written by Booman   
Friday, 12 October 2012 00:00
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Windows Packages Winetricks and PlayOnLinux
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Direct X 9

Now its time to install a Windows DLL or component

Note: In PlayOnLinux they are known as "Packages"

Click: Install A Windows DLL or Component

Click OK.

d3dx9 MS d3dx9_??.dll from DirectX 9 Redistributable

Click OK.

The d3dx9 actually installs all the Directx 9 packages.

Wait while Winetricks downloads, extracts and installs the DirectX Binaries into the correct Windows directories.

After DirectX 9 installs, Winetricks will default back to the "What would you like to do to this Wineprefix" menu. There is NO confirmation that DirectX 9 installed correctly.

But the d3dx9 you selected will still be "checked" and all the Directx 9 packages below from 26 to 43.

This means it is already installed.

I was confused the first time this happend because I was waiting for a confirmation.


Note: all of the Windows Fonts, DLL's and components are downloaded to /home/username/.cache/winetricks folder. Its a good idea to back up this folder for future use WHEN you have to start over.

Direct X 10

Click: A Windows DLL or Component

Click Ok

Its as simple as Direct X 9

It downloads and there are no installation pop-ups.

Thats it... NO Confirmation just a "checked" d3dx10

Don't Click Here Don't Click Here Either