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Windows Packages Winetricks and PlayOnLinux - Dot NET Framework 3.0
Written by Booman   
Friday, 12 October 2012 00:00
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Dot NET Framework 3.0

Open Winetricks

Click: A Windows DLL or Component

Click Ok

Select dotnet30

Click Ok

A warning will pop up

Click Ok

Another warning about download/installation time

Click Ok

There will be a notification that you need to download netframework3.exe

Winetricks will automatically open up the /home/username/.cache/winetricks/dotnet30 folder

Then it will automatically open up your internet browser to the page where you can download the netframework3.exe file.

When you click download it defaults to your "Downloads" folder, but that isn't where you are supposed to save it.

Save it in /home/username/.cache/winetricks/dotnet30

Note:  username is where you put your Mint 13 login

(hence winetricks opened the folder for you)

It is a 50MB download and you will see netframework3.exe in your dotnet30 folder

Click Ok on the notification and then Winetricks closes.

Go to Winetricks again

Click: A Windows DLL or Component

Select dotnet30 again

Click Ok

Warning again

Click Ok

Working around bug warning

Click Ok

Extracting Files


Check: "I have read and ACCEPT"

Click Install

Right click the Icon at bottom right of screen

Select: View Details

Installation Progress

Setup Complete (Confirmation Again YES!!!)

Click Exit


Don't Click Here Don't Click Here Either