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Windows Packages Winetricks and PlayOnLinux - Dot NET Framework 3.5
Written by Booman   
Friday, 12 October 2012 00:00
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Dot NET Framework 3.5

Note:  I have not been able to get this to install without errors, but it seems to install anyways. Its very difficult to confirm if Dot NET Framework 5.5 is actually installed.

Open Winetricks

Click: A Windows DLL or Component

Click Ok

Select dotnet3.5

Click Ok


Working around wine bug 16956...

If you don't have Dot NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 yet, it will automatically download and install it for you.  Apparently 3.5 requires it.

Downloading NetFx20SP1_x86.exe

Net Framework 2.0 sp1 setup

Accept license agreement

Click Install


Confirmation (YES!!!)

Click Exit

Restart Windows

Click Restart Now

Wait a few seconds for Winetricks to startup again

Note:  If for any reason Winetricks doesn't automatically start downloading, just run it again and select dotnet35 and click Ok.

Downloading dotnetfx35.exe


First Error

Click Ok

Completed but MSBuild.exe not found

Click Ok

Navigate to your /home/username/.wine/dosdevices/c:/windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/

Note:  username is where you put your Mint 13 login.

Search the NET Framework v2.0.50727 folder for that MSBuild.exe
If you can't find it there, check some of the other folders.

Copy the MSBuild.exe file
Go back one folder to Framework/


Create New Folder

Name it:  v3.5

Paste MSBuild.exe

Start over with Winetricks and select dotnet35 again

Click Ok

You might get another "File not found" error for a logo.bmp
Click Ok

Navigate to your /home/username/.wine/dosdevices/c:/windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v3.5


Create New Folder

Name it:  Microsoft.NET Framework 3.0

Open it


Create New Document - Empty Document

Name it:  logo.bmp

Start over with Winetricks and select dotnet35 again

I never got a final confirmation!!!

You can also try installing it with PlayOnLinux from the Install packages tab...

Run PlayOnLInux

Select your Virtual Drive (prefferably your default)

Select Install packages tab

Select dotnet35

Please wait...

Is it working???

You may get one of the above "File Not Found" errors if you didn't allready do the previous steps.



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