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OSU Ditches "Primitive" Silicon Circuits, Unleashes Organic Spintronics
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 16 August 2010 16:21

From Daily Tech

New plastic device stores information using magnetism, could eventually replace traditional memory

When people think of a magnetic strip performing a useful purpose, the first thing to pop into mind might be the little strip on the back of their credit or debit cards.  Now a new type of magnetic technology could transform the way our computers run.


Researchers at Ohio State University claim to have created the world's first functioning plastic "spintronics" device.  "Spintronics" is a field of electronics dealing with controlling the spins of electrons to store information.  Spintronics is viewed as a possible replacement to traditional silicon flash memory and even processing electronics.  The new technology uses less space, processes data faster, and consumes less power than its silicon brethren.

OSU's implementation of an organic spintronics device used a thin strip of dark blue organic-based magnet, layered with an iron based ferromagnet, and attached to two electrical leads.

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