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Reports: Apple's Fresh New MacBook Airs Experiencing Display Problems, Crashes
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 04 November 2010 18:12

From Daily Tech

Apple's new MacBook Air may be thin and sleek, but hardware/software problems are being reported

Apple may be known for releasing flashy products that take thin and light to the extreme, but the company is also known for its share of problems with new release hardware. The latest product to experience problems is the recently introduced total revamp of the MacBook Air.


According to Cult of Mac, there have been reports of both 11" and 13" MacBook Airs experiencing problems with screen distortion and blank screens [see video]. Cult of Mac's David Martin witnessed similar problems with his own MacBook Air, stating, "I observed horizontal sparkling bands running up and down the screen, but the computer did not freeze."

Martin and another editor also experienced problems with "kernel panics" on the new MacBook Air:

Leander saw two kernel panics on a 13-inch model and one on an 11-inch model. I’ve experienced one on my 13-inch model that I attributed to my attempting to boot with an SD card built on a MacBook Pro – so I’m sure mine doesn’t count, but his experience is curious. Macs rarely kernel panic and yet he’s seen three of these within four days. All occurred during wake-from-sleep.

To pile on to the matter, Macworld has also experienced similar problems with the new MacBook Airs. Serenity Caldwell describes:

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