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Dell Vostro V130 Adds HDMI And Cooling System
Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 30 November 2010 17:45

From Trusted Reviews:

It seems as if Dell does listen to its customers after all – to a point at least. When the Dell Vostro V13 was launched in December 2009 there were a lot of people happy with the price but the lack of a HDMI port and a questionable three-hour battery life were the major issues raised by customers.

Today, the Dell Vostro V130 goes on sale with a HDMI port but seemingly without any improved battery life. One out of two ain’t bad I suppose and it maintains its very enticing low price at £279 for the basic model which is pretty impressive. In addition, the V130 is the first laptop of this size to offer Hyperbaric Cooling, an Intel Advanced Cooling Technology, to help it stay quiet and cool.



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