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Intel Core i5 Processor Series
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 21 December 2010 19:35

From IXBT Labs:

Our previous review was dedicated to the Core i7-800 LGA1156 series. The conclusion was that those solutions, as well as the Core i7-900 LGA1366 series, can offer enough computing power for most tasks you may need accomplished. At least four cores and eight threads, clock rates over 3GHz in most cases, at least 8MB of L3 cache — everything the industry has to offer to the mainstream segment. But there was also a downside: the price of about $300 and more.

What should you do, if you don't have or aren't willing to spend such money? Say, if you have about $150-250? Obviously, you'll have to compromise, e.g. choose Core i5 instead of Core i7 (if you need an Intel CPU, that is). But there are a lot of Core i5 processors in the market. How do they perform? We'll see in this review.

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