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Samsung SyncMaster F2380 Review
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 12 January 2011 20:39

From TrustedReviews:

You might remember, way back in the misty depths of 2010, we reviewed Samsung's SyncMaster F2080 and came away rather impressed. In fact, the F2080 was a runner up for Best PC Monitor in our Awards 2010. Aside from its slightly slow response time, the only thing we didn't like about it was its sub-Full HD resolution, a lack fixed by its bigger F2380 sibling. Well, that's the screen we're finally reviewing today.

With full adjustability, a high-quality, 1080p, 23in cPVA panel, multiple digital inputs and, best of all, costing just a smidgen over £200, will this be another winner? When it came out there were no alternatives to inferior TN at under £300, but now there are a few options, such as the recent BenQ VW2420H, which offers an A-MVA panel combined with LED backlighting for well under £200. So let's see how this Samsung holds up in today's market.



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