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Targus AMW14 Laser Mouse Review
Written by Rondog   
Monday, 13 November 2006 18:20

Recently bought a laptop and already sick of using the the trackpad?

Rondog was, an his solution was to use a nicely designed mouse from Targus, a company focused on mobile solutions, ranging from Nootbook cases to in-car power adapters for your notebook or tablet.

A lot or people place very little emphasis on the mouse they use, however, I do not. I understand that having a good comfortable mouse is the key to comfortable computer use. A trackpad is fine if you only use the laptop once in a blue moon. For regular use though, an external mouse is a necessity and, wireless is by far the best way to go.

Upon purchasing my first laptop I decided that I would need a mouse also as I would be spending quite some time using the unit. I picked the Targus AMW14 over several others including a Logitech MX1000.

I chose it primarily because if fitted my hand perfectly. There are three types of mouse, a ‘finger mouse’, a ‘palm mouse’, and a ‘hand mouse’. The mainstream Microsoft laser mouse is an example of a ‘finger mouse’ as it when moved, you find yourself pushing it around with your fingers. The ‘palm mouse’ generally has a larger back end to fit into the palm of your hand so it can be pushed around with the palm of your hand, leaving your fingers relaxed. Standard Logitech mouse’s are ‘palm mouse’s’. ‘Hand mouse’s’ are becoming more and more common coming in the forms of those that are ergonomic and are shaped to fit ones hand. Such as the high end Logitech MX1000 or G5.

The Targus AWM14 is the latter. It is a hand hugging ergonomic mouse that is a breeze to use. Aside from having the standard clickers and scroll wheel. It also features two buttons on top behind the scroll wheel that are scrolling buttons. Near the operators thumb, there is also a button which switches between windows, the same function as “Alt + Tab”. On either side of this button there is a forward and back button for web pages and Windows folders.

The precision of this mouse is astounding. It is classed as a regular office mouse, but I played several hours of Unreal Tournament 2004 with this mouse and I managed to hold my own and against the onslaught of gaming machines.

Featuring two double A rechargeable batteries with the packaging, the mouse comes completely ready for use. Coming the standard USB adapter, it also includes a dongle to plug the USB receiver into if it needs to be placed away from the unit, useful for running presentations and such if direct access to the laptop is not possible.

To charge the unit it is simply a matter of plugging the supplied cable into the mouse and a spare USB port. You must have the USB adapter plugged in as well otherwise the mouse will not function, which is a slight inconvenience if nothing more.

The mouse is very easy to adjust to and should fit most people’s hands because of its generic shape. Generic is not bad though in this case as it seems to fit my hand quite easily whereas the MX1000 did fit my hand, but I found it difficult to adjust to. Based on how easily the shape is to adjust to, it’s rechargeable and that it is very precise, I give the mouse a 8/10.

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