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USB Pen Drive Mod
Written by Favu   
Thursday, 07 December 2006 12:51
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USB Pen Drive Mod
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A while back I got one of those freebie pen drives, you know, the ones with “brand x” or “superbrand y” stamped on? Well, as is the norm for these things they are usually cheap and my pen drive was no exception, the build quality was lousy and the capacity was a whopping 16 megabytes of pure storage. Despite this it was soon pressed into service ferrying documents to/from my college.

After a few months of this the case actually fell apart, leaving me with a bare circuit board, and some unimpressed lecturers. The solution to my portable storage woes? A CUSBPDC! (that's Custom USB Pen Drive Case for those of you not in the know)


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