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Review: Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 05 November 2004 07:04

Logitech expands its range of cordless mice with the MX1000, the World's first laser mouse! But, does it live up to expectations? We found out just how well it performs.

MX1000 Laser Mouse

Review: Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse


Logitech's MX1000 is the World's first laser mouse which boasts 20x more tracking sensitivity than a traditional optical mouse. The MX1000 is Logitech's successor to their very popular MX700 optical mouse. The model I have is the international version according to the packaging.

What you get

The package contents include the mouse, a recharging station, a power lead with transformer, a USB to PS2 adaptor, installation instructions and a CD-ROM. Mine also came supplied with a mains plug adaptor which allows the two-pin transformer to be plugged in to a UK mains power outlet. This mains adaptor was not inside the box and is presumably a "UK only" extra.

The Mouse at a Glance

The photo below shows the "midnight" version which means the top area is a glossy metallic black. A blue version is also available. The look and feel of the surface is very good, a noticeable improvement on the silver paint sported by the MX700.

The usual buttons are there which need no introduction. The only differences compared to the MX700 is that the wheel has a left/right tilt function and there are now three power LED's. Also, the wheel spins more freely.

MX1000 Laser Mouse

Mouse Ergonomics

This mouse is refreshingly light in the hand. It glides across my black ice mat very smoothly without any extra stick-on pads. This is good news!

Another neat design feature is the extra wide thumb rest which does give good support. The thumb rest and both sides of the mouse are constructed from a soft plastic with a rubber type feel to it.

Charging Station and Battery

Let's look at the battery first. On second thoughts we can't, there is no battery cover underneath the mouse. The battery is a lithium-ion unit and should never need replacing during the mouse's lifetime.

So, with a lithium-ion battery we can expect fast charge times and long usage before re-charges when compared to AA batteries. More good news!

The rapid-charge base station doubles up as the RF receiver. It can be plugged into a USB port or in to a PS2 mouse port using the supplied adaptor. The power lead plugs into the rear of the station.

Click thumbs for larger view.

MX1000 Charger MX1000 Charger and Mouse

As you can see in the photo the charging base unit now has a large flat backrest made from smoked transparent plastic. This gives it a slightly unusual appearance.

Mouse Software

The software supplied with the MX1000 includes SetPoint 2.11c for MS Windows XP, 2000, Me and 98, plus Control Center 1.3 for Mac OS X v10.1.2-10.3.3 on a single CD.

Upon inserting the disk on my Windows system I am asked if I wish to enable the Logitech Desktop Manager which will advise me of future software updates. Following that I am asked if I want to install Logitech SetPoint, Musicmatch and eBay Shortcut. I will be installing SetPoint only which allows access to various mouse settings and preferences.

After a system restart I am presented with a Quick Tour which outlines various features of the mouse. I am now able to use the SetPoint software to configure the functions of the mouse to my own tastes.

Click thumbs for larger view.

Quick Tour SetPoint

I have only been using the MX1000 for a few days. So far, I would say it is the best mouse I have used and I am particularly pleased with how nicely it glides across my icemat. It seems to track very well on most common desktop surfaces even without a mat. This is an impressive mouse, ideal for general computing and gaming use. I'm sure this will become Logitech's flagship mouse before long.

Current UK price is just under £50.00

US price is around $75.00 at the time of this review.

If you have this mouse or would like to know what others think, head on in to the forum!

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