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Intel caught in graphics shocker
Written by Danrok   
Thursday, 30 April 2009 13:49

From The Inquirer:

G55 actually won't suck

IF YOU ARE not already sitting down, do so now, because this news is not for the weak or easily scared. That said, the new graphics in Intel's upcoming CPUs are not going to suck.

You may be familiar with the Intel integrated graphics saga, a tale of woe and dread rivaling a romance novel with the last few pages cut out. It all started with the G965, a chip that basically never worked right. Its successor, the G35, also never worked right, and the G45... well, to be charitable, came much closer to working. It was never considered fast, or even anything more than barely usable for office work, but it wasn't totally embarrassing. The current score, zero for three.

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