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Written by Gizmo   
Wednesday, 19 August 2009 22:58

VR-Zone take some SSDs and put them to the test:

Our article today focuses on flash-based solid state drives (hereafter referred to as SSDs for simplicity). Specifically, we will be looking at those in the 2.5" form factor. SSDs are essentially many flash devices connected to and managed by a controller chip, which then presents this to the system as a typical storage device.

Manufacturers have touted SSDs as the replacement for hard drives. While their per gigabyte cost has yet to drop to hard drive levels, they do offer several advantages that may well justify their higher price to those seeking a performance boost.

The burning question for enthusiasts is: Are the supposed benefits of SSDs worth the added cost? We've rounded up seven solid state drives from various manufacturers to answer this question...


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