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Review of the AeroCool V12 and Touch-2000 Fan Controller Panels
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 20 August 2009 22:11

TestSeek evaluate the operation of these two units:

Front panels like the AeroCool V12 and the AeroCool Touch-2000 give you total control over cooling your PC. They also let you know the temperature of your PC’s various components. For a normal PC user, this may not seem of much value. But for advanced users, it’s very valuable, because it lets them adjust the fans as needed and avoid overly high temperatures that can damage components. Demanding users who are noise conscious can also use these panels to control the fan speed. This reduces noise considerably and produces a quieter environment.


Both panels come in small cardboard boxes of identical size. The front includes a large photo that shows the panel and highlights its touchscreen features with a logo that represents a finger. The only difference we saw here is that the V12 box has checkered bands reminiscent of auto racing, while the Touch-2000 box has the same colors and designs as AeroCool’s other products.

When we opened the boxes, we saw that each panel was protected by two pieces of plastic. Although they do the job, they’re not as rigid, and don’t provide the same level of protection, as we’ve seen in other AeroCool products. Despite this, the protection is more than enough. When we took off the plastic and took out the two panels, we noticed that some of the accessories were the same and some were different. The AeroCool V12 includes two extra heat sensors with adhesives for mounting them, and a set of screws for installing the panel in 5.25″ bays. The Touch-2000 has the same main accessories as the V12, but it also includes a SATA cable for the e-SATA port, a USB cable for each of the panel’s 2 USB ports, and an AC’97 cable for the included microphone and headset connectors.


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