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G.Skill Trident Extreme Performance F3-16000CL9 DDR3 P55 Kit - Review
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 14 October 2009 13:22


We recently reviewed a triple channel kit from GSkill which scored very high thanks to it's great value for money/extreme performance. So then it should come as no surprise that GSkill have now released a very similar kit for Intels latest chipset, the P55. Because we were so impressed by the last kit, GSkill appear to have done little to change the kit rather they have simply taken one module away from the 6GB kit to make a 4GB kit. Why change what isn't broken they say, let's hope the kit performs as well as it did on the X58 chipset.

The memory kit has the same specifications as the previous triple channel memory kit in that it is clocked to 2000MHz and has latencies of CAS9-9-9-27. A lot of folk were worried that the P55 chipset would not be able to achieve these kind of speeds but rest assured, I can confirm that these modules and indeed the chipset are fully capable of this blisteringly fast speed. How much further the kit can be pushed remains to be seen and this is something I will be eagerly attempting to do later in the review.

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