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Hackers Reverse Ill-Effects of Apple's Update, Restoring Intel Atom Support
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 20 November 2009 18:35

From Daily Tech

OS X 10.6.2 support for Atom processors has been restored by a Russian hacker who released a modified kernel which he dubs "Mach".  (Source: tea blog)
Snow Leopard no longer confined to the steppes of Apple's restricted hardware

OS X hackers are threatening Apple's business model by give people the ability to build or buy OS X-driven "Hackintoshes" -- netbooks, notebooks, or PCs with third party hardware -- at a much lower price than Apple's slickly packaged, but pricey offerings.  Apple has seen success against commercial OS X hackers, recently scoring a summary judgment against Hackintosh vendor Psystar.  However, Apple's apparent attempts to squash out the independent hacking movement by killing Atom support via a Snow Leopard update have been less successful, as hackers have managed to undo the changes.

A newly released hacker-modified kernel restores the support in Snow Leopard for Atom processors, allowing Hackintosh makers to once again take advantage of the operating system's slim footprint to create fast and functional OS X netbooks.  The installation process isn't for beginning users as it requires basic low level operating systems knowledge and the knowledge of how to use a terminal to perform system commands. [More...] [Comments...[



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