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Google, D-Wave Team up to Unveil World's First Quantum Image Search
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 14 December 2009 18:02

From Daily Tech

The days of quantum computing are at hand

Quantum computing is regarded by many as a buzz word.  While the allure of using advanced physics phenomena like entanglement and superposition to solve ultra-complex problems almost instantly seems alluring, there's not yet been many concrete demonstrations of quantum computing in action, despite all the talk.

One company that actually has had the bravado to claim such a demonstration is Canadian firm D-Wave Systems, Inc. which is based out of Barnaby, British Columbia.  The company has developed what it claims to be working 16-qubit, 28-qubit, and 128-qubit quantum computer chips.  Each qubit is implemented with a magnetically coupling superconducting loop called rf-squid flux.  The company has fabricated some of these chips at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab’s microdevices lab in Pasadena and NASA scientists who saw the work firsthand back its credibility, despite widespread doubts in the research community.

Now D-Wave has received an even bigger endorsement, from the world's largest internet firm: Google.  Google manager Hartmut Neven announced in a blog post last week that his company had been working with D-Wave to develop quantum computers to power a search of still images in a database of images, video, and PDFs.  The project has been ongoing for three years according to Mr. Neven.

He writes, elaborating, "Over the past three years a team at Google has studied how problems such as recognizing an object in an image or learning to make an optimal decision based on example data can be made amenable to solution by quantum algorithms. The algorithms we employ are the quantum adiabatic algorithms discovered by Edward Farhi and collaborators at MIT. These algorithms promise to find higher quality solutions for optimization problems than obtainable with classical solvers." [More...] [Comments...]



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