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Guide: Power Supply Mods
Written by Rondog   
Friday, 07 July 2006 02:00
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Guide: Power Supply Mods
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Rondog takes us on a tour of several different power supply modifications that are relatively easy to do and easy on the budget.


Warning: Power supplies, even when not plugged into the wall socket, still carry charge and can cause electric shock resulting in injury or death. Neither I nor AOA am not responsible for damaged hardware or personal injury as a result of using this guide, so it is up to you to be sure to observe proper safety precautions at ALL times when handling tools and equipment while performing these mods.  In addition, be sure to observe lead dress (the position of wires and cables inside the power supply) to make sure that no wires are pinched or laying against hot components.  We don't want to cause a short that kills the PSU, or worse, makes the case live, exposing us to dangerous voltages when the unit is operating.

There are many mods one can do to a power supply. In this guide I will be covering:

  • Installing a window.
  • Giving it a snazzy paint job.
  • Replacing a fan.
  • Adding a fan.

 Remember, though, that these are just examples of what can be done to a PSU.  The only limits are what you have in the way of time, parts, and imagination.


  • Time: Replacing fan 15min; Adding fan 40min; Window 30min; Painting 3 days (inc. drying time);
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Cost: low-medium (provided you have all parts on hand)
  • Effect: maximum eye candy

Now, without further ado, let’s get moddin’!

Tools required:

  • Soldering iron/soldering gun
  • Angle grinder
  • Screw driver set
  • Drill/holesaw kit
  • File
  • Hammer
  • Nail punch
  • Scissors/Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers (scissors or knife can suffice in a pinch)
  • Anti-static wrist strap
  • Gloves
  • Eye goggles


  • Spray paint ($5 a can)
  • Spray on primer ($5 a can)
  • Lighter ($3)
  • Case ($20)
  • Super glue ($5)
  • Mesh/acrylic window ($36 for 500x500mm)
  • 80mm LED fan ($9)
  • Heat shrink/electrical tape ($2 per metre/$3 per roll)

This step is required by all mods, so I’m only going to say it once. Pull the top from the power supply by removing the four screws on the base. Take care not to touch anything that could give you an electric shock.

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