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PS2 Mod - an HDTV Game Upgrade for PS2.
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 01 August 2006 12:42
How to HDTV-ise our PS2s
Posted Jul 31, 2006 at 10:27AM by Jerico G.
If there's one thing you could do to your beloved PlayStation2 to boost the gaming experience a notch higher, what would it be? I know, all of us wished we could move that digit one figure higher to get the ultimate hardware of this gaming generation - so near yet so far 'ey? Well our radar back at the QJ observatory has scanned something that might give us the next best thing - an HDTV Game Upgrade for PS2.

What exactly this product from Xploder does, is allow PS2 games to be played in High Definition. With both next-gen consoles, Xbox360 and PS3, already boasting of High Definition formats, Xploder's HDTV Game Player is set to give PS2 a nudge by giving it connectivity to your HDTV sets. So how can this enhance your standard game's image quality? With these features:
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