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Review: Vantec Lapcool 3 - Packaging
Written by Zinoberrot   
Sunday, 10 September 2006 09:54
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Review: Vantec Lapcool 3
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The package that the LapCool 3 comes in is a simple plastic sealed package, which is all clear. While it will not offer much protection, the LapCool 3 needs very little as it is mostly a piece of lightweight plastic; nothing too fragile. The all clear packaging will help you check what you are buying up when browsing inside a store. Concerning the bundle, there is no real bundle coming with the LapCool 3 as you won’t need anything in order to use it except the USB cable which is the power source of the fans. The cable is long enough to reach almost every point of an average notebook, so it should not be a problem for most people. Despite that, those who have 17” notebooks or larger should make sure that there is a free USB port at the right side or the rear of the notebook, since we suspect that the cable may not be long enough to reach the left side of such a large notebook.

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