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Review: Vantec Lapcool 3 - Product
Written by Zinoberrot   
Sunday, 10 September 2006 09:54
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Review: Vantec Lapcool 3
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The LapCool 3 is a simple device, which is nothing more than a seating pad for your notebook, yet a good amount of attention was given on some details. The LapCool 3 is all black and silver, colors which should match 99% of the notebooks out there. Certain Sony and LG notebooks which are white should look ok on it as well. The fans which are used are very slow but large enough to create a considerable amount of airflow and remain completely silent, so it certainly will not annoy you or other people around you.
Right Side Power Connector
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Something that makes the LapCool 3 special for its category is the thin size. It is made to be as thin as possible and designed to work while seated on any surface. Most notebook coolers will draw air from beneath, a design that could create problems if they are seated on something soft, such as on a bed or your lap for example. The LapCool 3 does not follow that design but it is designed to move airflow towards the rear, so you can place is almost anywhere you like and certainly on your lap. The power connector for the USB powered fans is at the right side of the cooler, but no other options are available like a speed controller or even an on/off switch. This model is meant to be as cheap as possible, so the features are limited.

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