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120mm Fan Roundup: 1350 RPM or Lower Rotation Speed
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 09 November 2012 15:37

From X-bit:

Following our recent tests of 135 and 150mm fans, we want to present to you fifteen 120mm fans from nine brands. The fans differ in specs, design as well as pricing. Except for the models from GlacialTech, GlacialStars and Enermax, we've got at least two samples of each product. The noise level was measured for each sample of the pair and the air flow, for only one of them. We used the same testing methodology as described in our previous roundup of 120 mm fans. The only difference was that this time we let the fan's bearing warm up and stabilize for 5-7 minutes rather than just 2 minutes.

First, let's take a look at each fan, following the alphabetical order.



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