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How-To: Custom Epoxy Shapes - Project Description
Written by Booman   
Saturday, 09 December 2006 16:49
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How-To: Custom Epoxy Shapes
Project Description
Clay Forms
Clay Forms Cnt'd
Making the latex mold
Supporting the mold using plaster
Supporting the mold using clay
Preparing and making the cast
Releasing the cast
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To create any custom shape to enhance case mod themes by casting 3-dimensional shapes that can be sanded, cut, painted, and drilled into for mounting.

Materials needed:

  1. Clear Casting Resin Epoxy (craft store)
  2. Resin Catalyst (craft store)
  3. Plasticina Modeling clay (craft store)
  4. Mold release or Vaseline (craft store)
  5. Latex Rubber Mold (craft store)
  6. Outdoor workspace
  7. Foam brush (craft store)
  8. Mineral Spirits thinner (hardware store)
  9. Hair Dryer (market)

Total Cost:

  • Casting Resin Epoxy - $14
  • Catalyst - $4
  • Latex Mold - $7
  • Clay - $13
  • Mineral Spirits - $12
  • Plaster - $12
  • (Ed: The pleasure of making that unique case mod - Priceless)


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