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Review: Akust Ramsink VI BGA copper ram sink - The Problem
Written by Samuknow   
Friday, 26 January 2007 18:41
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Review: Akust Ramsink VI BGA copper ram sink
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I recently added water cooling to my 6800nu. It is an older card but still serves me well. I have been pretty successful in over clocking this card, and since I have upped the voltage in the bios, I wanted to make sure it was staying plenty cool. The Stock cooling option was nothing to sneeze at but was not quite doing the job with the added heat. So I picked up a Danger Den Maze 4 block on the cheap and got it bolted on. I noticed a huge drop in GPU temps immediately. 

So off to game play I went. This is where there was a problem. Artifacts were showing up in game play.  You see, the stock cooling on my card incorporated the Video ram. After installing the water cooling, the video ram was just sitting there naked and was clocked at 800 MHz from the default 700 MHz.

 This was just not going to do. I know I needed something to cool the video ram. I needed ram sinks. So I hopped on the forum and asked for suggestions for what ram sinks I should buy. After looking through the suggestions, I stumbled across FrozenCPU that had some Akust Ramsink VI BGA ram sinks.  They were a whopping 20x20x15 mm. Plus the price was hard to beat. So I placed my order and a few days later they arrived. 

 After tearing into the packaging, I gazed upon their greatness. The first thing I noticed was the weight. Theses things were heavy. I became a little concerned. I have already added a water block, and now these behemoth chunks of copper were going to be hanging from my card. Then I thought, the stock cooling from this card was massive, and also made from copper. So I dug the cooler out and did a quick scientific comparison. You know, hold one in each hand and act as a scale. The stock cooler was still heavier, so I shut down my rig to begin the install.









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