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Review: Akust Ramsink VI BGA copper ram sink - Results
Written by Samuknow   
Friday, 26 January 2007 18:41
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Review: Akust Ramsink VI BGA copper ram sink
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 The card temp rose to about 52C at this point. I bumped the fans up a little more. This got the temp back to 49C.  I do run the fans at about ¾ speed while running a 3D application, and it seems to hold this temp. Again, this is while ATI tool is running. The temps remained 41C at idle.

NOTE: All temps were taken with Folding at Home still running. This added a little heat to the loop. I imagine that the temps would be quite a bit lower with no load on the CPU.  



The next thing I did was fire up FEAR. This is the game I noticed the most artifacts. It was great. Not only were the artifacts gone, but it played very smooth with the bump in clock speeds.



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