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Modding a Network Switch - Page 2
Written by Rondog   
Thursday, 22 February 2007 11:19
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Modding a Network Switch
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[ Exhibit A ]

My computer desk. The green machine on the left is current lacking a motherboard (due Monday). This means that I have two computers in my room, and only one network cable. This can be seen on the bottom right of Exhibit A. What is one to do?

Add a switch says the logical side of my brain. Last week due to upgrades, we had two spare 16 port 10/100mb layer 2 switches. D-Link DES-1016’s (See Exhibit B) to be precise. And one 16 port gigabit switch.

Our current setup dictates: modem > gigabit switch > our 3 computers.


 [ Exhibit B]


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