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The $15 case mod mkII
Written by Weldzilla   
Sunday, 29 April 2007 08:06


Case mod.

Well it's that time again.... I haven't built a computer for here in the house for a couple months. I have built quite a few systems this year but,they have all left the building. This started out to be just a little gamer for Matt's friends when they come over. It was to be based on an Epox 4PDA2+ Ver.2 running a 2.8C and 2 x 512 G.Skill PC4400LE.

As I modded out the case I actually fit the motherboard in and was finishing out the build even taking pictures along the way. I let the wife chose the colors inside and out for the case. It was a happy time in our little world.

Then one dark, cold and dreary night, we were all huddled in our computer room feeling all snug and warm happily computing together. Yes it was just the 3 of us. We had no idea what would happen next..........

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