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Thermaltake Toughpower 1200-watt Modular PSU
Written by Gizmo   
Wednesday, 13 June 2007 22:25
(Image courtesy of Thermaltake)

Check out what TweakTown think of the Thermaltake W0133RU:

Thermaltake has long been known for their ability to cool a computer system and for making quality enclosures, but they have recently been making a name for themselves as a premier power supply manufacturer as well. With the growing needs of modern enthusiast level rigs, power has become a concern, so the folks at Thermaltake have put together a monster of a PSU for your high power needs.

Read the full review at TweakTown:

Keeping in line with other high-end power supplies on the market, the Thermaltake has made use of a multiple 12v rail design. In this case, there are four 12v rails that share the load of your system power needs. Two of these 12v rails are rated at 20A load and the other two are rated at a stronger 36A. The 5v rail is rated at 30A, as is the 3.3v rail. This will give you the ability to be power either a newer system that needs the strong 12v rail or an older powerhouse that requires a stronger 5v rail.

Moving to the opposite end shows us the modular connector blocks and something else that immediately caught my eye; a label that tells us exactly which modular cable uses which 12v power rail. Why others have not taken this approach is beyond me, but this can make it much easier to balance the power draw on the PSU itself.

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