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Review: Sunbeam Acrylic UFO case - Installing the Hardware
Written by Samuknow   
Wednesday, 05 December 2007 00:00
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Installing the Hardware 

I started by installing my power supply.  I would recommend a nice modular supply.  Everything shows in this case and there is no where to hide wires as you have in a standard case.  I used my Ultra Products chrome modular supply.  I also went ahead and installed my hard drive.  You can add up to 2 storage drives in this case (being limited to 2 drives should not be a problem as drives are huge these days).

You will need to install the included clear spacers to install your drive(s). The spacers just thread right into the drives. You then use the provided screws to mount the drives into the case.



After installing the hard drive, I installed the DVD Burner and started adding a few cables.  Sunbeam provided many holes and notches in the motherboard tray to allow easy and clean routing of your cables and wires.


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