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Fractal Design R2 Case Review
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 16 January 2010 02:25


Making headway in the chassis market as a new manufacturer is a pretty daunting task, especially considering the competition from well established brands like Lian Li, Antec and Cooler Master. The opportunity is always there for a relative unknown to produce a superlative product though; just ask Titan and check its excellent Fenrir CPU cooler. We were more than curious when previously unknown, Fractal Design, sent us its latest offering: the “Define R2.” Designed specially as a low noise case that doesn’t compromise on functionality, it was a tall order, so we had to take a look.

The R2 certainly falls quite far in the minimalist side of the case design fence, and owes more than a partial nod to the style of the Antec P180 series. The front fascia door is featureless other than the blue power LED stripe at its top, and while some might bemoan the “it looks like a fridge” styling it’s certainly a welcome change from the usual array of air vents and grills in “gaming” cases, we are so often festooned with.



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