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How-To: Gainward 7600GS PCI-e Voltage Mod - Voltage Mod
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Written by phatic   
Friday, 01 September 2006 18:43
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How-To: Gainward 7600GS PCI-e Voltage Mod
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Voltage Mod

The two potentiometers are for the GPU core voltage (vGPU) and memory voltage (vMEM). By attaching these to the voltage feedback pins on the voltage regulator chips, you can quite simply reduce the resistance to increase the voltage.

Navigate to the following section on the top of your graphics card.

(Click for larger image)

Firstly, measure your stock voltages. Since you must do this with the computer turned on, be careful. So, set the multimeter to 20v DC, and touch the red probe to one of the points below, and the black probe to ground (the graphics card mounting bracket is a good ground spot).

(Click for larger image)

vGPU should be 1.15v, and vMEM should be 1.9v. In the future, use these points to measure the voltages once they have been altered.

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