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How-To: Gainward 7600GS PCI-e Voltage Mod - Voltage Mod (Cont.)
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Written by phatic   
Friday, 01 September 2006 18:43
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How-To: Gainward 7600GS PCI-e Voltage Mod
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Next, measure the resistance between the following points and ground. This is done with a multimeter set to 20k ohms, and computer turned OFF. These are the feedback pins of the voltage regulator chips - rGPU is on the GPU voltage regulator, and rMEM is on the memory voltage regulator.

(Click for larger image)

rGPU should be around 1.39k ohms, and rMEM should be around 1.29k ohms.

Now comes the soldering. You will need to attach the potentiometers between these pins and ground. If you bought the SMD grabbers, just clip them onto the pins (if the pincers are too big, file them down a bit). Otherwise, you'll need to solder some wire onto the pins, and the potentiometers onto the wire. Here's a visual guide. I've also suggested some ground points which can be used.

(Click for larger image)

If your potentiometer has three pins, use a multimeter to make sure you're using the right ones before soldering them. Set it to 200k ohms, and measure the resistance across two of the pins by touching the red probe to one pin and the black probe to another. Make sure the potentiometer is turned fully in one direction, and you should get a reading of 25k ohms. This will confirm that you have the right pins.

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