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How-To: nVidia Video Card BIOS volt-mod - Voltage Table Editor
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Written by Samuknow   
Saturday, 16 September 2006 15:36
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How-To: nVidia Video Card BIOS volt-mod
Open NiBiTor
Select Device
Save Original BIOS
Initial Voltage Options
Voltage Table Editor
Edit Available Voltages
Select New Voltage
Save New BIOS
Flash New BIOS
Appendix: NiBiTor Supported BIOSes
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Voltage Table Editor

Some cards are limited to what is available in the voltages tab.  The default 3D voltage of my card is 1.2 volts. The next available is 1.4 volts.  You do not want to jump .2 volts at a time.  To change this we will have to make 1.3 volts available.

Select Tools > Voltage Table Editor…

Voltage Table Editor

You will see the table above.  Again information will vary by hardware.

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