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How-To: nVidia Video Card BIOS volt-mod - Flash New BIOS
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Written by Samuknow   
Saturday, 16 September 2006 15:36
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How-To: nVidia Video Card BIOS volt-mod
Open NiBiTor
Select Device
Save Original BIOS
Initial Voltage Options
Voltage Table Editor
Edit Available Voltages
Select New Voltage
Save New BIOS
Flash New BIOS
Appendix: NiBiTor Supported BIOSes
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You have now created modified bios for your video card.  Now it is time flash your card with the modified bios.

To do this you will need to create a bootable floppy.

Formatting a floppy


Next copy Nvflash and your modified bios to the floppy.  Make sure your bootable floppy is inserted and reboot your machine. Boot to the bootable floppy.

At the prompt type: a:\nvflash voltmod.rom (or what ever you named your bios file).  Press Y and the bios will be flashed.  (There is no need to backup your bios at this point. You have already saved your default bios in NIBITor.)

You’ve done it. Remove the floppy and reboot into Windows normally.

You can now open NIBITor and read the bios from your card to make sure it flashed. Make sure you check your temps. You will want to compare them to your temps before the mod. Now you can see how far you can over-clock.  If your temps are fine under load and you want a little more voltage, repeat the process and step up another .1 volts.

I do not recommend going crazy and keep pushing your card too high. This can cause instant death to your card.


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